In 1963, the Elders of the Southlawn and Southside churches of Christ in Amarillo, Texas, determined that there was a definite need for additional child care facilities in the Texas Panhandle.

In 1964, several interested Amarillo churches of Christ met to develop preliminary plans to establish a children's home. Many of the area churches pledged resources to assist in financing the future children's home. The Southlawn congregation was chosen to oversee and direct the new agency. In 1967, after successfully completing the necessary Charter and Licensing requirements with the State of Texas, High Plains was ready to officially begin operations and accept the placement of children. The original land for the location of the Home was west of Amarillo, near Wildorado. However, due to concerns that the remote location and travel distance might be prohibitive, a new 40-acre property was acquired just south of the Amarillo city limits. By October of 1967, the first cottage was completed and High Plains Children's Home became a reality.

In August of 1970, the Southlawn and Southside congregations merged to become what is known today as the Southwest church of Christ. At that time, it was decided that the new Board of Directors for High Plains Children's Home would be the Elders of the Southwest congregation. The Southwest Elders appoint the Home's Board of Directors, who are faithful church of Christ members, from various congregations in the area. 

Today, High Plains is recognized as a prominent and productive agency serving the needs of children and adults with special needs from all occurrences of life.