High Plains Children's Home and Family Services, Inc. provides a natural home environment much like one would envision for themselves. Although our children come from many different backgrounds, the desire remains for each child to have a fair chance at a normal childhood. With this template in mind, opportunities abound for work, play, social development and spiritual growth. Our commitment at HPCH is to provide our children with their basic needs such as safety, food and shelter and to ultimately help them develop the skills that they will need to be healthy, productive and happy members of our society. 

High Plains serves a target area of the Texas Panhandle, Northeastern New Mexico, Oklahoma and Kansas. We work with children from all walks of life. Typically, a family in distress brings their child to HPCH for placement, who possibly will remain in our care until graduation from high school. 

Each child resides in a large, comfortable and well-furnished home, or "cottage", living with seven other children from similar backgrounds. We provide cottages for boys, girls, sibling groups and Transitional Living. Our children are referred to the Home by friends, family, church, school personnel and County/State entities. Children on campus normally range in age from 5 - 17 years.

The responsibility for overseeing each cottage is entrusted to dependable, trained and loving houseparents. Building strong relationships is the foundation of our program. Our child care providers nurture our children with love and guidance. They teach our children the importance of making a friend ... and being a friend. Our children interact with many people outside of the Home which allows them the opportunity to form relationships at church, school and within the community. 

In order to provide quality care, the Home meets, and many times exceeds, the license requirements outlined for Basic Residential Childcare facilities operating in the state of Texas. HPCH's reputation has remained strong since its inception in 1967.


While living in the cottage, our children are encouraged to make themselves at home. Each child shares a room with another child. They are given the opportunity to decorate their room with their own personal belongings. Elementary household duties are taught and then assigned, including learning how to wash and dry their own clothes. Each child is gradually taught how to prepare meals, wash dishes, vacuum, detail bathrooms, perform yard work and maintain their cottage vehicle. Home entertainment is closely monitored and movie and electronic game selections are approved based on the appropriateness of content as it pertains to Christian values and morals. 

In order to ensure healthy children, proper personal hygiene is encouraged and the Home provides all necessary items to accommodate a lifelong pattern of wellness. 

Family dining is always a priority at High Plains. Each cottage contains a large kitchen, dining and social area where everyone becomes a vital part of the family. 

Recreational opportunities are abundant around our 100-acre campus. Exercise is encouraged, as well as healthy eating habits. Campus activities include baseball, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, horseshoes, biking and walking. 

High Plains offers an Equestrian Program in which each interested child is taught how to feed, water, groom and ride the horses. Along with this privilege also comes the responsibility of also cleaning out the stalls and corral! 

The Home is honored to have the Mabee Talent Center on campus, which is a vocational training center that provides our children a platform to develop hobbies and special interests. Housed in this 9,000 sq. ft. facility is a automotive/bicycle shop, woodworking shop, clothing room and grocery store with walk-in cooler and freezer. This facility offers opportunities for our children to expand their knowledge of auto mechanics and carpentry. Talents and skills are discovered, developed and perfected as our children explore potential opportunities for employment. 

As our children mature and can demonstrate a high degree of responsibility, they are afforded the opportunity to obtain a driver's license and possess an automobile that has been provided by the Home. They are directly involved in the upkeep of their vehicle, including maintenance, fuel, insurance and daily operation. 

First-class Medical, Dental and Hospital care is provided via local doctors. The physical well-being of each child is priority. Counseling sessions led by local professionals are provided for our children who need special attention due to special behavioral or emotional needs and require resolve to circumstances that have occurred in their short lives. 

The prospect of an excellent education is a highlight at High Plains. Residing within the well-respected Canyon Independent School District (CISD), High Plains is located only a short distance from most school-related activities. CISD encourages academic excellence and the district takes a special interest in our children. Schools include Randall High, Westover Park Junior High, Greenways Intermediate, Gene Howe Elementary and Sundown Lane Elementary. Our children participate in athletics, band, choir, various service clubs and student government. 

Computers are recognized at High Plains as a vital part of our society and significant attention is given to making the latest technology available. Prior to graduation from high school, each child is encouraged to investigate the possibility of a future in college or vocational training. For others, assistance is granted in locating employment and safe housing. In either category, when welcomed, the Home is available to assist with guidance, lodging and financial needs as resources allow. 

The Home encourages regular church attendance and participation because we feel that teaching our children spiritual values is essential to their overall development. Our children are involved in numerous youth activities within local church of Christ congregations. There, they can make new friends, network and strengthen relationships. Our children learn how to lead songs, study the Bible, pray, serve and volunteer. Many of our children soon recognize the need for a closer relationship with God, and wish to be baptized. The opportunity is presented for each child to prayerfully consider this important decision for themselves. All of our children are presented with opportunities to assist those less fortunate than themselves ... which is quite impressive when you think about where many of our children have come from.

Once a child is placed in our care, we encourage the family or managing conservator to maintain contact with their child. We also expect them to be involved in their child's treatment planning as well as short-term and long-term goals of placement. Once every six months, they will be asked to participate in a review and planning meeting for their child. 

HPCH does not discriminate against any client based on race, national origin, color, religious creed, sex, age, financial background, disability or political belief, other than those restrictions imposed by licensing agencies.


The policies of High Plains Children's Home and Family Services, Inc. and the State Minimum Standards require that every child being considered for placement have a pre-placement visit. The pre-placement visit gives the parent and child an opportunity to visit a cottage and meet the houseparents, as well as the other children in care. It provides the houseparents and the HPCH staff the opportunity to evaluate the child in order to make placement decisions. 

In the interest of good placement practice, the pre-placement visit should last one to four hours. After the pre-placement visit, the social service staff will meet with the managing conservator and child in order to answer any questions. 

At the conclusion of the pre-placement visit, a mutual decision will be made about placing the child in care. Concerns of the houseparents and social service staff will determine the final decision for placement. The parent and child also make the decision about whether or not they would like to continue with placement plans.


The Admission Assessment and the pre-placement visit should determine whether the child's needs can be met in placement at HPCH. If it is mutually agreed that the placement is desired, then a placement date will be set. 
At the time of placement, the placement agreement, other authorizations and releases related to child placement will be signed by the parent or managing conservator. 
The signing of the legal papers can be accomplished at the HPCH office or in the cottage where the child will be living. 


Most children coming into care at HPCH will be placed privately by their parents or managing conservator. Children on juvenile probation who are not violent or actively using drugs or alcohol may be considered for placement at HPCH. 

Most of these children will be in the managing conservatorship of the referring probation department. In some instances, the referring probation department may not be the managing conservator. In that case, we will work with the child and parent responsible for placement. 


Your Child Care Application is not complete without all of the following information: 

  1. The completed application or a "Common Application"

  2. Copy of the birth certificate

  3. Copy of the social security card

  4. Copy of medical exam (within the last 30 days)

  5. Current immunization record

  6. Copy of court custody order (if legal parents are divorced)

  7. Recent TB test and results

  8. Recent school records

  9. Recent psychological evaluation

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