As you head south out of Amarillo on Western Street, if you’re not paying attention you’ll drive right past the High Plains Children’s Home campus and not even know that you’ve missed a gem of the Golden Spread. However, if you DO know where you’re headed, you can hang a left and enter the campus where, since 1967, we have cared for hundreds and hundreds of children in an effort to preserve their precious hearts and spirits. In addition to caring for children, we have constructed Pa & Megan’s Place, a neighborhood that allows adults with special needs to live independently, while still receiving assistance with things like transportation, finances, and social interactions. So, next time you find yourself in the neighborhood, we’d love for you to drop in, say hello, and let us show you around. I promise it’ll be well worth your time!



The Home is exceptionally blessed to be able to operate debt-free!

However, the only way this standard can be sustained is through the total reliance on the charitable spirit by which our loyal base of donors fund from the heart. Wherever your comfort level is for giving ... small, large or somewhere in between, please know that any amount is appreciated and applied directly to the care of our children and adults with special needs.

An easy and convenient way to give is to click on the Green "GIVE ONLINE" link, which can be found at the top of each page throughout this site, and award your gift online. This process is quick, safe and allows you to make the gift on your own schedule. You will also discover many other interesting ways to contribute including remembering a family member, friend or loved one with a MEMORIAL or HONOR gift. Many of our donors prefer to have the Home automatically draft their bank account for a specified amount each month, also referred to as ACH, or Automated Clearing House. Other special funding opportunities exist including our annual "CHANGE FOR CHILDREN" CAMPAIGN, which secures over $40,000 each summer in "pocket change" and our YEAR END APPEAL, which makes its appearance between Thanksgiving and Christmas.