From the earliest days of High Plains Children's Home in 1967, numerous individuals and families began making personal Estate plans regarding the future destination of their hard-earned assets. Truthfully, not many people actually enjoy making these plans, but after completed in a professional manner, are honestly relieved and excited about what the future holds. Purely genuine is the heart that would think of ... and then act upon ... the long-term needs of caring for once homeless children. 

Some years later, the Home began to realize the benefits of those bequest resources. From the "widow's mite", to the more monetarily blessed, the children at High Plains now have solid footing on which to build a hopeful and prolonged existence. The Lord continues to touch the hearts of more and more people who love to observe our children develop into successful and productive citizens.

In 1996 the High Plains Children's Home and Family Services Foundation, Inc. became a reality.


The Elders of the Southwest church of Christ in Amarillo, Texas continue to oversee the management and direction of the board members appointed who prudently invest, manage and distribute the assets of the High Plains Children's Home and Family Services Foundation, Inc. All corpus and investment income from the Foundation is intended and chartered for the sole purpose of furthering the cause of High Plains Children's Home and Family Services, Inc.

Assets arrive at the Foundation in various forms, most however, have been diligently specified under the terms of a valid Will or Trust document, such as a Revocable Living Trust. For your own family's sake, please make sure your Estate Plan is reviewed and updated on a regular basis, or at least during those times when your life has experienced significant changes. Depending on the instructions left by the benefactor, the Foundation's Board of Directors make every effort to carry out their fiduciary responsibility while honoring the wishes of the donor. 

On occasion, constituents of HPCH request that the Home be appointed Executor or Trustee of their Estate, of which most times we agree and are honored. 


The Lord has outlined the existence of man to be "three score and ten", and the most mature individuals recognize that even with our new and modern medical improvements, the Divine is still in charge of life and the living, and this life is but a vapor. All the while, the charge of James 1:27 still rings true ... that pure and faultless religion is "to look after orphans and widows in their distress".

Help the Home when you can, and understand that our High Plains young people will always know of your love, and His, for them. 

To discuss privately your own personal situation regarding what your family can do to ensure the strong and solid presence of High Plains Children's Home and Family Services, Inc. for generations, please call Mr. Craig Howard, President of High Plains Children's Home and Family Services Foundation, Inc., at 806.622.2272 or 800.728.6581. Thank you for your continued interest and support of High Plains.